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Nordic/BC/ Uphill Pass & Alpine NIGHT

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This pass is valid for:
- Nordic / Backcountry / Uphill Trail Access every day NBU trails are open
- Lift access after 4pm every day that night skiing and riding is offered (typically 4-10pm Tuesdays - Saturdays majority of the season*, though not usually offered first few weeks of season and schedule often curtailed at end of season late March/early April when the sun sets much later for NBU access anyway after the clocks spring ahead in early March)

Sports Center Access is NOT included with this pass, but can be purchased at a discounted rate as an add on to this pass purchase.
You can add Winter Sports Center access to your season pass purchase(s) During Checkout (Check Box Under Your Profile Photo). Winter Sports Center access is $50 (pre-tax) additional when purchased with a season pass ($150 on it's own).

*Subject to Change

All Ages

USD 359.34